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In the fall of 1999, I was invited to be on the Art Bell radio show -- Coast to Coast AM -- as a guest. During the interview, I made sunspot predictions that go through the end of 2005. The sunspot predictions are based upon how the sun wobbles due to its interaction with the orbiting planets. These predictions have proved to be very accurate.

Original QuickTime Animation of Sunspot Predictions

My original predictions were summarized in the following QuickTime video:

2003 Sunspot Prediction Graphic

The following graphic is a gif version of dates spanning from late 2002 through early 2004.

The vertical axis in the above QuickTime animation and gif graphic are in meters per day cubed have have been averaged to reduce the extreme variability within the original data set from the US Navy's Mica software.

44 Day Error

Since 1999, I have been given the impression that a 44 day lag occurs between the surfacing of the sunspots and the dates on which the sunspots were created. I have not been able to make time in recent months to verify this ongoing assumption. Some of the past graphics on this are given for reference.