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Induction of magnetic fields over a sphere

Note: if you would like to confirm for yourself that nature really does act as the Ball-of-Light Particle Model predicts, then you might perform these simple experiments.

(Perform these experiments at your own risk! If you are a child, or a minor, then do not perform these experiments without the supervision of your parent or guardian! Or, if you are an adult without proper knowledge of electricity, then do not perform these experiments! As with any electrical experiment, there is always the risk of getting an electrical shock. If you attempt this experiment with alternating current from a standard wall socket or other dangerous sources, then you run the risk of killing yourself or others. If your perform these experiments with DC energy sources or powerful capacitors, you run the risk of killing yourself or others. Again, do not do this if you are: a child, a minor, or do not have the proper knowledge of electricity.)

Experiment 1

Imagine a metal conducting sphere with a wire running in one pole and out the other. This works best if the sphere is suspended -- like in a large box -- and the wire comes in at the top pole of the sphere, and goes out the bottom pole of the sphere.


If a steady electrical current is setup along the wire -- like with a large flashlight battery -- then what happens to the current as it sweeps over the sphere? On hemisphere 1, the current decelerates as its area increases over the expanding sphere. This deceleration, induces a magnetic field around the sphere.


On hemisphere 2, the current accelerates as its area decreases over the contracting sphere. This acceleration, induces a magnetic field around the sphere -- in the opposite direction -- as on hemisphere 1. This change in direction of the magnetic field is key. It is easy to test this change by holding a simple compass next to the top hemisphere, and then to the bottom hemisphere. Note how the compass needle changes direction.

If the compass needle remained in the same direction on both hemispheres, then this would agree with what is taught in traditional physics. Because the needle changes direction, the Ball-of-Light Particle Model agrees with nature.

Experiment 2

If a larger, sudden surge of direct current is applied to the sphere mentioned in experiment 1 -- the source is purposefully withheld to protect minors -- then, the conducting sphere can be may become permanently magnetized. It would be possible to disconnect the wires and carefully map the magnetic field on the surface of the sphere.

While it is not possible in such a crude experiment to measure increases in gravitational force, the Ball-of-Light Particle Model predicts that there is an induced gravitational field that points to the center of the sphere as the electromagnetic fields sweep over the sphere.