Home Implication of the Ball-of-Light Particle Model for "Stable" Stars

The waves on the surface of the core of a stable star -- such as our sun -- do not just eject particles off the poles of the star. Significant ejection from the poles of stars typically occurs only in nonharmonic stars. For harmonic stars -- such as our sun -- the patches of electric and magnetic fields that sweep over their cores must be distributed in a fairly uniform mesh over the core, otherwise the star would be nonharmonic. This harmonic pattern of evenly spaced fields -- this mesh of electric and magnetic fields -- induce mainly protons and electrons, which make up the outer plasma envelope of material around the core of a star.

Thus, the cores of stable stars: are harmonic, ejects relatively small balls-of-light over their entire core, and eject them in an essentially spherical pattern.

Large balls-of-light ejected from stars