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The ability of particles of matter to be created by electromagnetic and gravitational "induction" appears to have acceptable energy levels. In other words, this process does not appear to occur continuously from the lowest to the highest energy levels but appears to occur in large scale harmonics.

The first graph does not represent the energy levels of elementary particles. However, it does represent photons. For elementary particles, on the other hand, there are at least 7 distinct energy levels -- forming harmonic patterns.

  1. The first spike is for elementary particles
  2. The second, much longer spike is for stars
  3. The third spike represent galaxies
  4. The fourth spike represents "Mega-Galaxies"
  5. The fifth spike represents the original two halves of the universe
  6. The "final" peak -- or, the "original" peak, depending on how you phrase it -- represents the original ball-of-light that the universe exploded from.

Each of these peaks represents a large scale harmonic. They represent the energy levels of perfectly stable or almost completely stable harmonic particles. Nonstable particles can exist for relatively short times in between these stable harmonics.