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These designs are for generating clean, nuclear fusion energy. They convert the nuclear fusion burn directly into electricity. (See new page comparing these designs to planetary nebulae.)

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Experiment 1

Try this experiment. Place a battery across a metal sphere and note the magnetic fields.

It is easier to rotate the sphere so that the poles are on the top and bottom. A simple compass will prove that the Ball-of-Light Particle Model is correct, and correctly predicts the directions of the magnetic fields.

Experiment 2

A magnetic "voltage" across a sphere will create a similar result.

For this experiment, you need to make a "hemispheric" coil. I have never seen these before, so I made them up. This is what they look like.

Be careful, the poles get very hot without much current. (This design is similar to, but better than, RF Cavities used to accelerate particles in particle accelerators.) I made my first coil using ping-pong ball, spray mount, and magnet wire. (The first large amperage melted the ping-pong ball in about 30 seconds.) Obviously, superconductors would be better.

If you haven't seen how the electromagnetic -- and gravitational fields -- such as these, from the core of a star, can shape a planetary nebulae, then you might wish to peek now.

Core of Nuclear Fusion Reactors

Fields such as these are perfect for containing a nuclear fusion burn in a commercial nuclear fusion powerplant. These fields direct towards the center -- E cross B = G -- massive containment fields that can compress and ignite a fusion fuel source.

With a 5 meter sphere, a 2 Telsa magnetic field, there will be 300 petawatts of containment energy. A 4 Tesla field would create 1.2 exawatts of containment! The National High Magnetic Field Laboratory typically creates quasi-continuous fields over 65 Telsa in small bore magnets.


Just as the reactor designs can direct energy towards the fusion burn, when the energy comes out of the fusion burn, these designs can extract the energy in the opposite, symmetrical process. It is known as MHD -- magnetohydrodynamics. An example of how an expanding instability would interact with the outer, spherical, containment field would look like:

The containment field either blocks any instability or absorbs its energy, converting it via induction directly to electrical energy.

Early Design

This was one of my first designs.

Design Two

This is a simple, small, straightline design that utilizes large Rowland Ring coils.

Design Three

This is my "Preferred Embodiment" of my patent design that is currently on file with the US Patent office. (I will not be filing in other countries.)


Uses Rowland Ring Coils. I view it as too complex.

Design 5.1

This is basically a color version of my Preferred Embodiment. Simple design, utilizes lasers to assist in ignition.

Design 6.1.1

Two cores, ignites plasma without lasers. Operates in AC, one core ignites, compressing the other core like a two stroke engine. Capable of continuous operation if cooling is adequate or if superconductors are utilized. (A "in-the-future" proposition.)

My Favorite Design (#7)

Basically, there are two pulsating stars in this design. The are "No-Core" designs. That is, there is no conducting core -- only electric and magnetic fields are used for containment. This is great because there are no cores to wear out or cool. The Conducting spheres are a larger wavelength than the balls-of-light -- like what you see in M2-9 (where I got the idea).

It operates in AC, can be continually refueled, the left and right tracks move to adjust harmonics at the cores, one core is expanding while the other is contracting, the coils tap off excess electricity. It is sort of like having two Cephied variable stars in a bottle!

Core Walls

There are many, many possible core wall designs. This is just one variation on file at the US Patent Office in my Disclosure Document "Nuclear Fusion Reactor Designs Utilizing Spherical Electromagnetic Fields, to Compress, Contain, and Extract Energy from a Nuclear Fusion Reaction."

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