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The subject of UFOs is the perhaps the most controversial subject I will analyze here.

My personal "Pros"

Before I developed the Speed-of-Light Definition of Time and the Ball-of-Light Particle Model, my personal beliefs on UFOs were: I did not believe one report on abductions -- not one; I felt it was possible -- a very slight possibility -- that humans were placed here on earth and that it was possible that space travelers had visited us a few times to check on us -- in the past -- but not recently; I found particularly compelling the "Nazca Lines" in Peru that have geometrical patterns that can only be perceived from the air; I also found compelling a stone carving -- Myan?, Aztec? -- of a god wearing what looks like a space suit sitting in what looks like a space ship. It is a fact this carving is old. It has, in my opinion, too much detail to coincidentally look like modern space technology.

Graphic (if you have a copyright released jpeg of this please E-mail me.)

My personal "Cons"

The best argument I have heard of against visitors from space is the inconspicuousness of our sun. Our star is not bright, nor unique. I see little reason that a scientist from another world would spot our star, and be compelled to visit it.

Now that I have developed the Speed-of-Light Definition of Time and the Ball-of-Light Particle Model, my personal beliefs on UFOs are:

The Ball-of-Light Particle Model Description of UFOs

Graphic of NGC 4565 (page 358)

Graphic of NGC 4594 (page 357)

The galaxy NGC 4565 is sometimes called the "flying saucer" galaxy for a good reason. Its decay mode is exactly the same as many observed decaying balls-of-light that have been called UFOs -- only the scale is different. The decay modes of a decaying ball-of-light can be predicted and categorized from the Ball-of-Light Particle Model.

A spherical ball-of-light that enters the atmosphere can develop a nonharmonic region around its equator. The nonharmonic fields can induce other particles. These particles would tend to spin around the equator -- giving the sphere a disk-like appearance. The whole object would appear to glow due to photons released by the core ball-of-light and from photons released by secondary decaying particles.

All of the following "classic observations" of UFOs would equally apply to decaying balls-of-light:

For those advocates of UFOs who believe the government has been covering up UFOs, I believe you are correct. With the Ball-of-Light Particle Model's description of these objects you can now understand why! Imagine what it must be like for a military leader, or some General who hears or sees reports like this! Their security is breached, the objects come out of nowhere, they have not been "captured," they explode, they can travel faster than any of our best planes, they can turn with such high "g's" that it seems impossible, they don't know "who" made them, they know they didn't make them, and so on!

Furthermore, you can guess this happens throughout the world. You know other governments have their own teams researching this. You know our spies have reported on their research projects. You know these objects are not being dreamed up. There is 100's of millions, perhaps billions of dollars being spent on their research.

What you don't hear of, or at least have reliable reports of, with respect to UFOs is:

I will believe any reports with tangible or physical proof.

The Ball-of-Light Particle Model Description of Crop Circles

Photo of a simple circular crop circle.

Crop Circles have become a topic of their own. The Ball-of-Light Particle Model predicts they are caused by a ball-of-light, most likely from Solar Ball Lightning rather than Terrestrial Ball Lightning, that lands in a field of crops and decays in a "fizzle" decay mode. This is probably the most common decay mode. Basically, it is a ball-of-light sitting there spinning -- emitting photons as it does -- where the top hemisphere is spinning one way, and the bottom hemisphere is spinning the other way.

Graphic of ball lightning making a simple circular crop circle.

Burn marks (radiation effects) are a result of the radiation coming from the decaying ball-of-light. As far as I know, no crop circles have shown indications of radioactivity. This is because no radioactive elements are involved. (UFO believers thought, in the early days, that maybe they should find radioactivity in a crop circle from the exhaust of the UFO. Kind of like how our cars give off pollution!)

Sometimes groups of crop circles are found because these balls-of-light can decay or split into multiple objects before they land.

Sometimes straight lines are formed because they can roll. Sometimes spiral patterns are found because they can roll with a spin as they decay. Sometimes, a series of circles going from large to small can be found because the ball-of-light decays from the original large ball-of-light to smaller ones.

Graphic of complex crop circles

Sometimes really bizarre crop circles are found because the people who make them desperately trying to get attention are bizarre.

Nazca Lines

Are these figures made by people here on earth to signal space travelers? I love this idea, but there just is not enough to go on from a scientific point-of-view. At least at this time.

Thumbnail Graphics of Nazca Lines.

Maya Glyphs

Did the Mayans carve these images in rocks originally to depict space travelers that they really met? I also love this idea, but there just is not enough to go on from a scientific point-of-view. At least at this time.

Thumbnail Graphics of Mayan Glyphs