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Time and the Speed of Light are defined to be equal.
Electric field vector cross Magnetic field vector equals Gravitation field vector.
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My goal with this web site is to make some money to help pay for the site and my physics experiments. If you support the goals of the website, then I would greatly appreciate your support. You can do this by using the Donate button to the left.

In the past, I have sold my book, The solution to the question, "What is time?"

Unfortunately, the book is currently out of print. It has been over 12 years since I have updated it. So much has happened since then, I am not going to sell it again until I can complete a revised second edition.

In the meantime, I am planning on placing the complete -- copyrighted -- text of the book online for free! I will create a link from the book cover in the left column. Watch for it soon.

Please check back, I have hope to have a number of products soon.