John T. Nordberg
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Time and the Speed of Light are defined to be equal.
Electric field vector cross Magnetic field vector equals Gravitation field vector.
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I believe I have solved the major problem that has haunted scientists in their quest for creating commercial electric power via nuclear fusion. I am so certain of this, I have spent tens of thousands of dollars and years of work on the project. What is the key? The Ball-of-Light Particle Model explains how spherical waves electric, magnetic, and gravitational fields work. Fusion scientists have been trying to create cylindrical plasmas -- or quasi-cylindrical plasmas in donut-shaped "tokamaks." Every time the plasma follows its natural tendency to form a spherical wave pattern, the fusion scientists find another "instability." The key is to stop fighting the spherical patterns and to use them for our advantage.

The Basics of Fusion

  • What is Fusion -- the fusion reaction
  • World Energy
  • Fusion versus Fission
  • Nuclear Fusion Reactors
    • Tokamaks
    • Spheromaks
    • Stellarators
    • ITER
  • Magnetic Confinement
  • Inertial Confinement
  • Confinement Time
  • Temperature
  • Plasma Pressure
  • Beta
  • Magnetohydrodynamics (MHD)
  • Fusion Instabilities
  • Ignition
  • Demo

Other Confinement Techniques

  • Z-Pinches
  • Mirror Machines
  • Misc. (FRC, RFP, LDX)
  • Sonofusion (Sonoluminesence) (Acoustic Inertial Confinement Fusion)

A new technique, The Spherical Pinch

  • The Poynting Vector
  • Spherical Electromagnetic Waves
  • Patent
  • The Basic Design
  • Variations on the Design
  • Nordberg Fusion Technologies, Inc.
  • Benefits
  • Goals
  • Short Term and Long Term To Do List