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Understanding time is the key concept that leads to the Grand Unification of Physics, and the key to unlocking many other questions in science. (Top unanswered questions in science.) For example, this web site will exactly explain such diverse subjects as:

Notice how the explosion is forming. There are two lobes and a disk being formed. How can an explosion create such a shape? How can a star make an explosion that goes like this? To emphasize how the explosion is progressing, I have created an animated GIF. (If it has already loaded, and you missed the animation, then position your pointer over the graphic and use your "Reload" command.)

  1. In the first frame of this animated GIF is a star.
  2. In the second frame is the beginning of a disk and 2 spherical lobes.
  3. In the third frame, the disk is larger, and the lobes start to curve back on themselves.
  4. In the fourth frame, the disk is larger, and the lobes curve around more.
  5. In the fifth frame, the disk is larger yet, and the lobes have curved almost completely around to form enclosed spherical lobes.

Animated GIF of Eta Carinae and how explosion products curve around to make spherical lobes.

Why does the disk keep expanding in a direction that moves straight away from the equator of the star, but the lobes first expand from the poles of the star, and then curve back, creating their spherical shapes!!??

I believe that just about any physics student could explain this explosion with the Ball-of-Light Particle Model. On the other hand, I believe that the world's best physicists, using traditional physics and the traditional theory for star formation, can not explain this explosion.

I promise you, this web site is for real. You will find new and very interesting physics here that has never before been released to the public -- except in my two books. Furthermore, the new physics revealed here can be tested and verified. (Tests) If you are a scientist, I invite you to test the predictions of the Ball-of-Light Particle Model. Not only is this web site for real, it sticks to using physics that is real. It does not go off on wild or crazy theories, or use excessively complex math. There is: no time travel, no worm holes, no 16-dimensional space-time, no warped space. It is based solely on:

(By the way -- if you have studied traditional physics, you might be interested to know at this point that the Ball-of-Light Particle Model is a variation of the well-known, traditional physics equation called "the Poynting vector.") Let me emphasize, the Speed-of-Light Definition of Time and the Ball-of-Light Particle Model do not use Relativity at all:

Finally, traditional physics uses the 7 SI Basic Units. I recommend that these Basic Units be revised to use just: distance, motion, and charge. I have become somewhat accustomed to visualizing physics using just these three fundamental concepts. This presents me with a significant challenge in describing my ideas. If traditionally schooled, the reader will be thinking in terms of SI Basic Units out of habit while I am thinking in terms of these three more fundamental concepts.