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Time and the Speed of Light are defined to be equal.
Electric field vector cross Magnetic field vector equals Gravitation field vector.
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6/4/2004--Update of Earthquake Statistics, Warning for Reno Nevada and West Central California

5/18/2004--A new page on the Helix Nebula. (I really like how this page turned out -- be sure you check it out.)

5/17/2004--In the fall of 1999, I made sunspot predictions through the end of 2005. One peak of predicted solar activity has now started. The peak of activity on my key chart is 5/26/2004. You may or may not recall that the last peak on this chart, 10/28/2003, coincided to the day with major solar activity and one of the largest solar flares ever recorded. You can watch the progress of solar activity at these three sites: Current Solar Activity, Solar Terrestrial Activity Report,

5/17/2004--a video of a simple experiment that provides direct visual evidence that you can replicate that my grand unification theory is correct.

1/26/2004--Platonic Spheres and Prime Numbers

1/14/2004--Latest Earthquake Watch Chart for 2004

6/6/2003--Earthquake in Kentucky 4.5 emphasizes risk of major quake in the New Madrid Fault area.

5/28/2003--Stars are spherical right? Well not anymore! My Ball-of-Light Particle Model predicts there is a chance that a star might not be spherical. I just never thought I would see one. Well, I still haven't. I have not really seen a rectangular star--but, now, the Hubble Space Telescope has imaged a rectangular planetary nebula! See the separate link to the image. Link to one of my graphics on this site that "predicts" this nebula. Let me emphasize, traditional theory on star formation does not predict or explain the shapes, details, or structures of most planetary nebulae -- especially not this nebula! -- the Ball-of-Light Particle Model does.

5/27/2003--New page on Spectroscopy.

5/26/2003--Update to page on Gravity.

5/25/2003--I have posted two Special Earthquake Watches for regions in the United States (Brawley, CA, New Madrid).

5/25/2003--New Page on Earthquake Warning Sensor.

Over 2200 people die in Algeria during peak of Earthquake risk.

Important new experiment on controlling photons of light. I predict this will all a new way of creating particles of matter by aiming beams of light at each other -- creating standing spherical waves of light -- creating "balls-of-light".

Clouds of decaying balls-of-light surround galaxies. Chandra press release on how galactic jets spew out balls-of-light that later decay, releasing high energy particles.

Update to Heliometeorology Page

New Page on Variable Stars (Warning! Large File)

New Page on the Crab Pulsar

My predictions on the Towers of M16 . . . come true.
Attract, Repulse - Rotate! Electrical Force Does More Than Push and Pull
Electrostatic Rotation in a Many-body System
This is an interesting scientific experiment along the lines of my fusion reactor -- patent pending. The key experimental result is that a DC current on a conducting sphere will set up a spin, torque, angular momentum -- however you want to look at it -- according to my description in Table A and the quadrants in Table B.

New science on Big Earthquakes

The Egg Nebula in Polarized Light
This image of the Egg Nebula confirms my prediction that material ejected off of opposite poles of a ball-of-light will have oppositely polarized electric and magnetic fields. (See my new page on this important image.)
Nano-pulses reveal the power of pulsars 3/12/3003
(Crab Pulsar ejecting 60 centimeter decaying balls-of-light)

'Phantom Menace' may rip up cosmos 3/5/2003
(Another bizarre theory a result of the bizarre theory of dark energy) 2/10/2003 2/10/2003
(Decaying balls-of-light in the Dumbell Nebula -- aka "glowing knots of gas")

TRACE satellite: 7/19/2000
(Play the movie to see a decaying ball-of-light floating just below the surface of the sun.)

CNN 5/27/1998
(A large ball-of-light pops out of the surface of the sun, explodes, creating shockwave that produces waves "2 miles high" on the surface of the sun. Imaged by the SOHO satellite. My analysis.)

IBM Quantum Corrals
(Quantum Corrals are good examples at the microscopic level of the macroscopic electromagnetic circuits in my nuclear fusion reactors -- another example of the physics. You can't fake the physics.)